Painting in oils has always been a passion for Lee, and an important means of expression.   She is a self-taught artist with no formal training, and until recently has painted only for herself. Lee's inspiration comes from many sources, but regardless of the subject matter -- be it landscape, portrait, still life for example -- each and every one of them was created because it touched her emotions.

At the suggestion of a friend, Lee applied to the Gracie Square Art Show held this past September, and was accepted.  This was the first time Lee's work was shared with those outside of her close friends and family. It was an amazing and rewarding journey and encouraged her to continue to develop her works and seek other ways to bring it to a more public forum.

Lee was born and raised in Upstate New York in Columbia County. She came to New York City to attend the Fashion Institue of Technology where she studied Advertising and Design. She has lived in New York City since the early eighties.
Currently, Lee is working on a series of landscapes called “The Berkshires,” following a trip this summer.  She looks forward to showing them and some of her other works-in-progress soon.